Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dare to be different!

Christmas is almost here and people are frantically decorating their homes. I hope I can help to make your home beautiful with some easy design tips.

1. Use what you already have.
I had a silver sea shell in the powder room that holds guest soaps. I used it on my dining table at Christmas filled with orchids.
Fill your grandma's glass punch bowl with greens.
Use a white quilt as a table cloth.
Fill a pedestal cake plate with votive candles.
Lay down a bed of fresh greens, then fill a large glass bowl with water and float Chinese glass floats and floating candles as a centerpiece.

2. Decorate with colors that coordinate with your decor.
This is probably the biggest mistake that I see people make each year...they decorate with colors that do not work with their existing decor and it is not enhancing to their home.
I used silver and blue to coordinate with my floating home decor.

3. Add a touch of whimsy.
Bring out a ceramic white bunny, wooden horse, iron dragonfly. Look around your garden for decorative element that might be a nice touch inside for the holidays.

And don't forget to have fun with your decor...incorporate things that you might not normally see on a nestling brightly colored patterned porcelain plates towards the trunk of the tree where they would be secure but add much needed punch!

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