Saturday, January 24, 2009

Decorating Taste Test...What's your Style?

Style Discovery Buy lots of interior design magazines that are in keeping with the architecture of your home. Clip out styles you like and start a file. You will see a style immerging. From the magazine clippings list three to five words that really describe your style and life interests.
Your style discovery words may be earthy, artsy with lots of texture. Or perhaps you are colorful, spare with hints of metallic. The more time you spend in this step of style discovery, the easier it will be when you go shopping for furniture and art work. You will be able, in two or three words, to ask with each purchase, is this my style?
A helpful tool to use in this step is to take the time to create an inspiration board. As an interior designer I have skipped this step with clients in the past, thinking I knew exactly what they wanted and found out later that I was wrong. The inspiration board will give you a clear view, through images, of exactly what you are striving for. Make it a family affair; give family members an opportunity to offer their input.
To create an inspiration board, go to an art supply store and ask for foam core, it comes in black and white. I like black. Buy some spray glue too. From the clippings of looks that you have gathered, cut out images that best describe the look and, more important, the feel or mood of the room you wish to create. Make a collage with the images you have pulled together. Once you have a pleasing arrangement glue the images on the foam core. With this inspiration board you can have a dialogue with the whole family about what the direction of your rooms will be. Now is the time to find out what the likes and dislikes are before money is spent on furniture that cannot be taken back.

Designer Secret: When shopping for just the right pieces ask yourself, “Does this lamp, chair or art piece fit within my three to five words?” If not, then you are off track. You have not found the right piece yet. I believe that people are drawn to the same colors that they like to wear. You want to look good IN your house! So take a look at your wardrobe, are there dominant colors that you could draw from?

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