Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How can I make my home more inviting?

Lighting gives the home drama and accentuates the positives! You can have a fabulous floor plan and interesting paint colors, but poor lighting could mean none of your good work will be noticed.

In every room but the entry, avoid overhead lighting at all costs; it is not flattering. Overhead lighting casts dark shadows on all that it hits.

Table lamps are the equivalent of jewelry; they are the accessories to your room. Two tall identical floor lamps flanking a sofa act as sculptural elements. Using a few high-style table lamps, along with standing lamps and sconce lighting, adds layers of light, and the differing light levels are what create interest.

If you have a tray ceiling (indentation, or coffered ceiling) an electrician can install cove lighting that will add another dimension to your room. Don’t forget to add color to your tray ceiling for added drama.
Designer Secret: To give yourself lots of flattering lighting options install dimmer switches on all of your lights, even in the bathroom!


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