Friday, May 22, 2009

Urban Street of Dreams first in the nation!

Portland Oregon is breaking new ground with the first ever Urban Street of Dreams. I am very excited and feel privileged to have the opportunity to design a penthouse in the Encore unit # 1603. I am working on the project with my favorite designer Rolfe Richard. Rolfe and I have had a very pleasant working relationship for 3 years. We can finish each others design sentences.

We are partnering with JD Madison and Madison Millinger Rugs, Butters Gallery ll, Portland Closets , The Whole Nine Yards, French quarter,Kaleidoscope Paint and some other fabulous vendors!

The copper day bed and dining table above are from JD Madison.

More to come as the project goes into high gear. Opening day August 1st.

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Stephen said...

Thi is very exciting news. SOD should be about real people in real spaces, not McMansions in Wilsonville. I am excited for you & your design associate. I love your work & look forward to seeing your Street of Dreams home.