Thursday, September 3, 2009

You can only be as creative as your client will let you be...

This room by Julie Wittgenstein lets me know that her client was sophisticated yet fun!
I love my work and sleep, eat and breath design. I realize I am limited in my gifts...I don't play an instrument... I can't sing...I am not good at a lot of things...but I can design that's one area I trust implicitly. I have inherited this eye for design...I come from a long heritage of artists on both sides of the family tree. So for me to not be in the arts would be sure death...death of my esprit de corps joie de vivre it would take away attitude to carpe diem ...well you get the idea!

Back to client's and how creative I can be...if folks would let me do my job they would get so much more than they bargained for! I don't think that they understand what a driven person I am when I am working on their behalf. I am always thinking about what I can do to make their space better...pushing myself to find the best solutions and getting every detail just right. It makes me so pleased when it is completed...just like creating a painting or throwing a pot or cooking a fine meal. Creating is a thrill and it is a thrill I will love for a lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

well, you certainly hit that nail on the head, Kim!
I've never understood clients who don't feel comfortable letting you do what they hired you to do in the first place....solve their design problems in a way that they themselves would have never come up with. We designers are a driven's hard to turn it off, once you get started and have their room in your head.
Why are so many people willing to "settle" when they could have the very best for themselves?