Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bathroom High Style


I just finished this second bath for a client in the beautiful Pearl district condo "The Elizabeth."
I used a Maya Romanoff hand painted wallpaper in rich warm soil colors touched with an unexpected metallic free form pattern. The wallpaper warmed the space and tied in nicely with the sienna colored floor tile. I had the ceiling painted in a pale brown toned gray so that the wall and ceiling lines would be blurred. The long narrow smoked glass framed mirror ties the light fixture in without overpowering the sink. The six pieces of modern art in varying shades of grayed greens and vanilla stacked above the toilet gives a dramatic yet calming surprise as you enter. The free standing tree sculpture/display stand is an original design that metal artist Ben Jensen implemented for me. The base is powder coated for moisture durability and the shelves or "leaves" are solid surface paper stone. My client gave me creative freedom to introduce her to some elements that she could not exactly visualize but now that the room is completed she is happy with the outcome. As designers, we can only be as creative as our client's allow us to be.


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Very nice! I've been preparing to do some bathroom fix-up myself. Check out my blog to see what I'm up against. :)

Thank you for the inspiration! I found you via Posie Gets Cozy.