Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A perfectly designed home, gives you well being!

We spend a lot of time preening in the bathroom and often it's the one room that is left to be decorated last. When each room in your home is a delight to enter, there is a subconscious calming effect that plays into the well being of your psyche. There is no denying that a home that is comfortably and beautifully appointed gives you a place to re-charge alone in splendid solitude or reconnect with family and friends. Just as a perfectly fitting garment let's you forget about what you are wearing and allows you to move in the world with confidence and ease...a perfectly designed home gives you the freedom to live and interact with confidence and serenity.

Studies show that our surroundings can give us much pleasure...even the humblest abodes organized and pleasing to its owner's eyes gives immeasurable pleasure to it's inhabitants and adds to ones state of well being.

I encourage you to take steps to create a soothing to the eye environment for yourself this year. Take on one area, like your bathroom and make it the best it can be! A beautiful rug, lovely art work, plush fresh towels and hand milled soaps will help to soothe your everyday life.

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