Friday, February 12, 2010

Teachers are some of the most important people in a child's life

I am flying out on Sunday morning to Wichita Kansas. What's in Kansas besides lots of Dorothy lore? My high school art teacher who turns 89 on Monday. Marjorie Goldsmith Clymer is now residing there, to be closer to her relatives.

Miss Goldsmith took me under her wing when I was 15 years old and taught me how to throw pots, sketch and oil paint. Marjorie is a fashion plate reading Women's Wear Daily into her 80's! She always drove Cadillac convertibles and being a tall gal 5'9" she could easily wear bold statements in jewelry and dress.
She had many shows of her fabulous paintings and studied under the best at the Portland Art Museum. Marjorie did not marry until she was in her sixties! And has outlived her husband and her twin brother. Marjorie was a health nut before it was fashionable.

She is both beautiful inside and out and has taught me so much more than art in the 45 years I have known her. Her faith has kept her steady as a rock in good times and bad. Marjorie truly sees the potential in people not just the obvious. Marjorie is just plain fun to be around! She believed in my artistic gift which gave me courage to pursue a career in the arts.
(This will be my last post until I return on Thurs.)

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vicki archer said...

The title to your post is a very true statement Kimberlee...Enjoy your time with your beloved teacher, xv.