Friday, April 2, 2010

"There's an Art to Combinging Patterns in Decor"

Color and Scale are important design ingredients in combining prints.
Medium prints with large prints, light and darker colors combined
together, make an interesting mix.

The photo above hosts six different patterns that all combine well
together. The over sized upholstered headboard has a large faded
Tahitian plantation print, the contrast of the lotus flower embroidered
pillow gives the bed a lively accent. The Roman shade has an even
larger print in an unexpected silver modern damask pattern. The
throw pillows on the velvet settee are a smaller scale than any other
pattern you see in the room. The rug has an exaggerated flower
pattern that creates a calming feel. The sixth pattern
is the very modern art piece on the wall above the settee.To
see dramatic before and after photos of this room visit:

Bidget Otto (who writes a great design blog!) from the Oregonian
wrote about combining patterns in the Home & Garden magazine.
The photo ( featured in the article ) of the yellow patterned sofa
combined with two patterned pillows was from a home I designed
in the west hills for a young couple. I love to mix takes
a certain brave client to allow you to run free!

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