Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marvelous Marguerite! Shopping in Sellwood, Oregon

A store like no other...I stumbled upon the store "Marguerite" on 1520 Southeast Bybee Boulevard and walked into another world. As an interior designer it's hard to impress me...but Marguerite's definitely does! From the mill- work to the multeity of displays to the mountainous bounty of treasures both old and new, Marguerite's is not to be missed! Shopping for home interior products has never been so fulfilling. The merchandise mix is not just home interior related products there are soaps,pajamas, French whitening toothpaste, powder puffs and more!
Owner Daisy Allen Phillips (Marguerite means daisy in French) has every detail down to a fine science. Go back often because the merchandise and displays change with the season's.

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