Wednesday, December 22, 2010

French life in France

I have been under the spell of Vicki Archer for some time...She is an Australian who lives a very gracious life in Saint Rémy de Provence France. Vicki has restored a farm house and spends one month a year harvesting 3,000 olive trees. She is a glamorous yet hardy woman! You can get a peak into her life via the daily chronicles of her blog called French Essence. Vicki has also written "My French Life" and "French Essence" ...I just bought both of these books on Amazon.

Go to "The Skirted Round Table" (another fine design blog) to see a skyped chat between Linda, Joni and Megan and Vicki.

Style inspires us all and makes everyday life elevated when we can infuse a bit of it into lives!
Hope you feel inspired today to make one small change towards a life filled with beauty.

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vicki archer said...

Thank you so much Kimberlee.... I am so appreciative of your generous words... Have a very happy Christmas and wonderful New Year...xv