Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adding a fireplace to your home or condo

Photo below is BEFORE

It's amazing to see the difference in this condo with the addition of some new furnishings and an Eco smart fireplace that my client found at Bravado home.
My client came to me with the question: "I would like to add a fireplace how can we make it work into the living room without it looking like an add on?"
First step: What elements will tie into the existing finishes?
I created the light wood paneling to match existing kitchen cabinetry and added dark quark lines for modern drama. The mantel is black granite mimicking the kitchen counter tops. Even though the fireplace looks very built-in this whole new addition "hangs" on the wall using a French cleat!
The fireplace gave another focal point to the once cold and austere living room. The fireplace also grounded the dining space. The hand painted gold leaf glass top on the custom stainless cuffed pedestal dining table with arch stainless light overhead makes for a very inviting meal.

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Aileen Collins said...

Wishing soon that my mckinley hill condo for rent has a fireplace so that when the weather is cold I can go and light a fire in there while chitchatting with friends or family. :)