Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Annual Client Appreciation Party

Please view video to get a real feel for the fun we had!

On Thursday evening Kimberlee Jaynes hosted her first annual client appreciation party.
I gave the party at my design studio Urban i.d. I have been saying for years that I have the BEST clients that an interior designer can have--they are nice people--the very best people! I am truly privileged to be part of their lives. Thank you for attending Tom, Ruth, Brenda, Lennie,Chan,Brandon, JD,D'Alene, David, Carol,
Becky, Dave, Liz, Karen, Mary and I hope those that could not make it can make it next year!

I had lots of help to make the party a fun time...a wine tasting from Dan's store in the pearl CorkScru. His wines are amazing! The delicious food was from Davis Street Tavern, thank you Katie! Aegir Olsen provided the melodic key board music, he was a real trooper he had smashed a finger that day...but didn't cancel! (I didn't know until after the event). Carolyn ,Norm and Kris Butters from Butters Gallery attended along with their artist Debra Vantuinen. Debra's work was featured this month in my studio and helped to create the beautiful atmosphere! Hart Keene provided the very entertaining close up magic that was so unbelievable! A big thank you to my intern Michelle, I could not have done it without your help!

Thank you all for attending and making the event so memorable!

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