Friday, September 2, 2011

Escaping to another world...if you can dream it you can create it!

We visited a world that I did not know existed...a reproduction of a western town in the 1800's complete with railroad cars, buildings and water wheels! Gary Lee is the train enthusiast that painstakingly built everything you see including the track that the train runs on! This Lilliputian world is both mindbogglingly and magical. Gary's building skills goes way back to his days with the Meier & Frank display department. He now owns ConstructaVision a design and build firm that makes just about anything you can think up. I have used his company to build everything from sliding shohji doors in Pearl district penthouses to beautiful wood fireplace walls with remote control TV's that are hidden and rise out of the mantel!
I hope you can escape this world and for just a moment go back in time and place to this perfectly manicured life in a western town.

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