Saturday, September 24, 2011

Those important finishing touches that make a house a home

This young family of four had lived in there beautiful West Linn home for several years. They had remodeled the kitchen...but the finishing touches were not in place and it was stark and void of personality.
As I interviewed my client she said she was tired of all the beige and brown and wanted some color. She also had a design
delima what to do with the huge blank wall?

The directions from my client were "We want contemporary design that does not look country". So I started with colorful contemporary art work and over sized antique Turkish brass candle sticks on the mantel. I added two leather storage ottomans that can hide all the clutter and be used as a much needed coffee table. The red lacquer tray on the ottomans is a visual lift on all that brown. The large wall next to the fireplace is now a focal point with statement pieces of blown glass colorful platters and wood shelving to hold personal mementos. New accent pillows in kiwi green on the two chairs and the atmospheric blue pillows on the sofa tie the whole color scheme together and keep your eye moving throughout the space.

A word from the Home owner: Kim has transformed our house from several, seldom-used, impersonal rooms into a series of beautiful spaces. Each space now meets our family's specific needs and reflects who we are in a way we were incapable of accomplishing on our own. We love our new home!

The design process was easy, educational, and enjoyable. Kim was graciously receptive and responsive to feedback and always ensured our taste and style were reflected while maintaining the integrity of the design. She was always tactful when letting us know what needed to be changed or introducing new ideas. She is experienced, skilled, and gifted at helping people through the transformative design process and our house is proof of this! Thank you Kim.

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