Friday, December 9, 2011

Finding inspiration in Newport

I had a wonderful time visiting Newport Beach for a few days. The weather was amazing! In the "create on demand" world that I live in as an interior designer, it is nice to take a break from solving design dilemmas and just relax and soak in what this small beach town had to offer.
I found the fishing murals enchanting...they harken to a time when Newport Beach was filled with men walking the streets in rubber boots, docks were teaming with boats heavy laden with fish ready for the many processing plants bustling with commerce. The town now has slowed down and is a bit even has the pop culture phenomenon " Ripley's Believe it or Not."

The natural beauty of the beach gave me lots of design ideas...the undulating pattern of the sand moved by the constant lapping of the waves reminds me of how interesting one color can be when several textures are introduced.

The many shades of greens in the wet sea weed makes me want to use emerald in the next project I design!

All the reflective surfaces help me realize how important a design element "shiny" can be.

Ok next blog back to Christmas!

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