Sunday, February 5, 2012

Riva designed sofa ,bench and chair

This chair is made from a single piece of cedar wood.

For those of you who love the unpretentious design lines obtained from natural wood, the Creus Armchair by Italian company Riva will be an object of desire. Spotted on Trendir, this interesting chair is a wooden piece of furniture designed to offer comfort and display its natural shape among other modern furniture items. The simple and elegant design was obtained by sculpting a single piece of cedar wood into a beautiful chair. Following the body’s natural curves, the Creus armchair displays its backrest and seating side while inviting guests to relax on a unique piece of seating furniture. The cedar retained its texture and imperfections only to give the chair a subtle elegance merged with the result of modern furniture-building technologies. The leather seat, available in a wide range of colors, can become the detail that makes it perfect for your home. With a brushed metal base, the design was taken to new heights, adding modernity to a natural design and offering a strong and stable base for the overall design.
Article from Fresh Home

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