Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hip GREEN Fathers Day Gifts!

"Step away from the ties, stinky cologne and golf-themed tchotchkes, kids. Your dad is sick of getting that crap for Father’s Day, and you’re sick of buying it. Eco-friendly gifts are, of course, the way to go – but don’t fall into the same old trap. Here are some fun green Father’s Day gift ideas that any hip dad, treehugger or not, would by totally psyched to receive."

Check out Earth First for some perfect green fathers day gifts for Dad. Like the Organic home brewing kit, Casio G-Shock solar watch, Strida go anywhere folding bike or the Voltaic solar charger messenger bag to name a few!


Hennen said...

Home brewing kit!! That is genius, would be very interesting to try that out.

Sofia - Winterstays said...

That bike looks kind of crazy, never seen one like that before!

Hassan Ashraf said...

Nice ideas...I am always at a loss for teacher gifts.