Monday, October 15, 2012

French Essence What Makes A Home... A Home

One of my favorite must read blogs is French Essence by Vicki Archer. I read it everyday and today she talks about what makes a home a home so I wanted to share her post with you and hope that you will visit her blog. Once you do you can't resist the French Life! 

Vicki has two books out (which I deliciously devoured and continue to pursue) 
My French Life   and French Essence


I think what makes a home… a home… are the little things.. the details… the collectables…
Those bits that we know and love…
Those pieces that are familiar… that we look at and that remind us of happy times and different adventures…
Last week I just snapped and snapped… the random, the well-loved… the basics… The fragments that make up the whole… xv
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