Thursday, January 17, 2013

Some Favorite Finds

Fluttua Floating Bed $4,500 Available in a range of sizes

Fancy has some amusing and amazing finds like this Fluttua bed that is supported by a single foot under the centre of the bed that's also connected to the wall, giving the illusion that the bed is floating off the ground. To heighten the effect under slat lighting can be used. The headboards are available as a padded version upholstered in leather or fabric or choose a coloured glass one in different heights to create your own individual look.

A truly different way of sleeping in style. The bed is adjustable in height. 

Need Isaac to put away his toys before he goes to bed? That's easy with these roll under the bed storage drawers.

Go to your room now has a whole new meaning...Keep them busy for hours with this "color me in" wallpaper.

Want your egg MC muffin at home? For $100 you can have this all in one muffin,bacon & egg toaster/cooker!

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