Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dare to be different small space BIG style

There is something I adore about this tiny kitchen featured in Elle it the metal front cabinets? Is it the heavily veined marble? Is it the mix of gold and silver? Or is it the robust carved wooden frame on  the old Dutch masters painting? It is Brilliant! And its the enchanting mix of all the components together that makes the magic happen. Can you dare to be different? Perhaps you have a powder room that you could let your inner exotic out in...or maybe its as simple as lining the drawers in your bedroom with leopard print paper! Everytime you open those drawers you will smile. You will be surprised how much happiness some adventure in design will bring you!

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Josh Urso Design said...

We swooned when we saw this kitchen too. The cabinets are really special and a surface treatment we've never seen before. "Luminous cabinets" are certainly unique to kitchen design. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.