Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sofas 101 ... Made Real Simple

As we move indoors from our summer outdoor living...we may decide that some key foundational pieces need to be replaced! A new sofa 
could be  just what your room needs. Its best to understand the styles and shapes of sofas and the message they send. Then you can choose the right sofa for the feeling you want to convey.

Below is an excerpt from one of my favorite magazines Real Simple. They make sofas 101 easy to grasp.

When I was hired to create a living room for a couple in their early 40's ... Their first words were "We don't want Biege! And we want to be wowed!" So using high contrast colors and designing high backed sofas I was able to create HIGH impact... Just what my clients wanted. Sofas can be a real statement piece in your home. 


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