Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Interior Design Trends...Gold mining

Gold is back and coming on strong!

From small doses to all out all is becoming a scene stealer!

 Mixing metals is no longer taboo...this is a question I often get from my client's  "Can I mix metals?" ANSWER: YES!

 I used gold-kissed starburst mirrors traveling up the wall over the fireplace, a gold accented rug and pillows on the chair and sofa to complete the look. Gray,brown and gold look fabulous together ...don't you think?

WOW the gold sofa below is over the top...but it works perfectly in this city apartment with steel gray walls. Like the fashion runway...some of the styles are over the can pull in a metallic pillow or ottoman to freshen your look without overwhelming your current decor. Have fun...go gold mining!

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