Friday, April 11, 2014

Subtle Changes in Your Decor can Lead to happiness

I confess I have been lazy when it comes to my blog posts! The sunshine has brought me out of my shell and I'm ready for color!!! How about you? I have collected images that I hope inspire you to make some subtle changes in your decor to make you feel as fresh as the daffodils that are reaching for the sun. So many stores are showing hot pinks, spring greens and cantaloupe orange….hmmm how might you incorporate some of these colors?

Pillows are an easy and cost saving freshen up. Take those winter colored pillows away and see what might work in a brighter palate. Even small changes can elicit smiles!

 Reupholster some side chairs in colors that bring the sunshine in…these tricks are very low cost and can add so much enjoyment to your home.

Area rugs are a great way to add color and keep the cost down. Company C has some really fabulous finds in area rugs and pillows that pack a punch!           

Do you feel like letting the sunshine in? Please let me know how you have made subtle but impactfull changes in your home this spring!

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