Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Bathroom Trends What dates a house qucikly? A bathroom that needs a facelift!

Do you have a built in jet tub that you never use? You are not alone.these built in tubs were never comfortable to get in and out of. ( see the before photo of this bathroom below) 
built in tubs were a big trend that is now being replaced with the beautiful free standing tubs like the one I put into this bathroom update. Its made of one piece of marble! Its a sculpture all by itself!


Marble is making a resurgence in not only bathrooms but kitchens.
I chose this Italian inlaid marble to add visual interest to the new steam shower. I also used it on the floor to create a virtual rug. 

What dates a house fast? A bathroom that needs a face lift!
The bones of this home were very good ...however the bathroom and kitchen needed help. I replaced the built in tub with a freestanding beauty!

The calm cool tile colors add to the resort like feel of this bathroom remodel.

 A new steam shower replaced the  old sink cabinets pictured above. Note how  the floors flow into the new steam shower. This gives a spacious modern look.

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