Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Interior Design Fall Trends 2018

1. BIG florals

Me at High point (the largest furniture show in the world)2017 standing in front of an oversized floral wallpaper. I couldn't wait to introduce this look in one of my client's homes.

  And guess what? I'm using this floral pictured below in a NW Portland Pearl district modern-townhouse dining room! A beautiful gold ornate frame from Italy will finish the edges. It just arrived today...

I can only imagine the table talk.


My client in Nevada wanted something bold in his office, so I ordered this mural, it gets installed in a couple of weeks!

 2. Bright / Bold Shapes
 People are no longer afraid of color! Bring it on!

3. Folkloric Influences

image above from Cargo

Cargo in SE Portland is one of the best resources to find Folkloric additions to your home decor. 

I found this remnant of a Indonesian molding at Cargo and used it at the end of a long dark hallway that is dark no more thanks to the gilded wall and carved molding.

Note the carved finial tie back for office/closet drapery above. The courtyard Indonesian fencing pictured below makes this otherwise boring room have soul. I Found these pieces at Cargo. To see this  penthouse in its entirety visit: Kimberlee Jaynes

Whatever you decide to do this FALL have FUN, its just interior design. Until we meet again...Think Happy Thoughts

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