Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What Are Your Style Drivers?

Some ten thousand years ago caveman drew pictures inside their cave dwellings. Since the beginning of time, decoration of our homes has been important to people.
I hear people say, “If I could only get my house decorated the way I want, I would be so much happier, and I would feel complete.” There is a lot of truth to that statement. Our homes are reflections of our hearts.

There is no greater satisfaction than seeing families sit down together for a meal in a dining room they once never used. Or to hear that a couple now sits by the fire each night with a glass of wine discussing activities of the day with each other, where there once was no comfortable place in which to settle.

Is your home just a stopover that you try to leave as quickly as possible? Does your home have your individual imprint on it? Does your home give you a place to relax and gather strength?

Lives today are busier than ever and we must have a place to renew and re energize. Buying everything from a furniture grouping in a store may look nice but does it FIT you? Will you be bored with it in a year because it is trendy and doesn't express anything about you?

One thing I know for sure is that your environment dictates your life. Are you and your family in need of a true reflection of your authentic selves?

The style drivers for my client in the home pictured above were artistic & serene. Pin down the three to five words that help you dis-still your style drivers before you go shopping.

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shakti space designs said...

I saw this room on Landfair's blog. I love your final design. Beautiful creation.