Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Uncommon Life...Created with my fellow designer Richard Rolfe

The Street of Dreams opens Saturday to the public, the gala is this evening and it is all very exciting! Richard Rolfe (he goes by Rolfe) and I have been designing the unit together and working for the last two months non-stop to create a haven from the outside world. Rolfe is a VERY talented designer who has added touches that I would not have thought of! We have had a very fun time and I look forward to designing more projects with Rolfe.

Below is an excerpt from today's H&G section and it features one of Rolfe's many special touches shown in the photo above.

The Oregonian H&G section-LAYERED LUXE
"When Kimberlee Jaynes Interior Design (working with Madison Millinger) finished at The Encore, each room hit a textured, sophisticated note. In the guest bedroom, the space between the elaborately dressed daybed and the closet-turned-office became a vignette reminiscent of world travel with a miniature mannequin decked in ropes of beads and a doll-size chair stacked with books. "

Some of the comments we have heard from visitors is that it is so soothing and restful.
You can purchase tickets at Safeway or Street of Dreams headquarters at the 937. When you buy a ticket it is actually a pass that gets you into the condos for a full month so you don't have to view them all at once and the pass is good for all kinds of dollars off on restaurants and services!
Hope you have a chance to go take a look at all of the penthouses to see what the many talented designers have created.


Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure working on such an IMMENSE project with you Kim! I look forward to future projects!
Boy, we designed-up a storm, didn't we?!


Stephen said...

The photo looks so great!
I can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

I am Stephen's very favorite cousin and I read about your project on his blog. You and Rolfe are very talented and I wish I could see the project in person.

Connie said...

Sorry about being anonymous--my name is Connie Hammond Saunders.

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Rolfe, It was a pleasure to meet you at the show this past Friday & the space was truly inspiring! I am putting together a post for my blog, will email you when it is up...Janell