Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pierre Deux bringing French country to America for over 30 years

"In 1967, a shop opened in Greenwich Village in New York City that would soon bring the beauty of French Country decor to America. The shop was opened by two men: Pierre Le Vec, an American of French background, and Pierre Moulin, a native Frenchman. Their passion for French art de vivre and the French country way of life drove them to establish Pierre Deux as a name synonymous with French Country décor in America.

Their antique furniture imported from the provinces sold well, but the curtains, pillows and fabrics they used to accent the furniture sold spectacularly. The business evolved to include décor for every room in the house. With guidance from our President and Creative Director, Hedwige Cointreau de Bouteville, and her husband, André Cointreau, the President of Le Cordon Bleu, America has rediscovered that the French Country style is a centuries-old one that is perfectly suited to adding warmth, charm and sophistication which is often missing from American culture."

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