Thursday, December 17, 2009

Unexpected Christmas Decor

I had a lot of fun yesterday decorating a friends home for the Holidays. I roamed her house in search of a long colorful painting to set on the mantel over the fireplace. My friend has a beautiful French Country home in the west hills with a view that is absolutely gorgeous. I found the perfect painting in a spare bedroom! It was vibrant and happy and changed the whole feeling of the living room which was very nice before but now it took on a friendly casual feel. I flanked the ends of the painting with bright green leafy and vibrant red berry branches in clear glass cylinders. I then placed a large porcelain bunny and two natural nests with filled with the same bright green and red kissed baby crab apples acting as eggs. The dining table repeats the green in a long fur garland tucked with varying height cream chunky candles and nests filled with crab apples and here and there a porcelain bunny or farm yard pig. On one of the tables in the living room I put a bright red amaryllis in a crisp white pot next to a marble glass domed cake plate that has fur greens and a porcelain bunny and crab apples piled high.

All of these items other than the fresh were pieces my friend already had, I encourage you to look a new at what you own and move it into a new and more inventive use for the holidays you can always tear apart a room you rarely use and put it all back after Christmas.

Happy Holiday decorating!

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