Monday, December 19, 2011

Art makes me happy!!!!

Now, as much as I would love to live in a French Farm house...I don't...I live on a floating home. Some call them house boats...however you can't drive them! I love the setting being on the water facing Sauvie Island. Our home was built in the 1980's the architecture is modern with vaulted ceilings simple millwork. As an interior designer I need to respect the bones I have and build around them. The photos are of my hallway. I went to "Boys Fort" last night for their private party and found the two circle paintings by David Lynch. Dwight and I thought they were perfect for our home. Along with the photo art of the Fischer Price toy family and the light sculpture from Springbox gallery I think they fit right in. Even on gray days I smile when I walk through my hallway!
By the way if you have not visited the pop up store" Boys Fort" in the Galleria next to Brookes Brothers your time is running out...they close the end of the month. Fabulous finds for everyone!

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