Friday, December 16, 2011

Benjamin Moore introduces Full Spectrum color!

Donald Kaufman is famous for it ....designer's love it...what is it? Full Spectrum color and it's coming to a Benjamin Moore store near you.
It is very exciting for me as an interior designer who is continually asked to help client's with paint colors in there homes, because full spectrum color like no other color!

Benjamin Moore explains why this new product is so revolutionary for them to release:

Every Color Is Its Own Story
Why is Color Stories™ so extraordinary?

Two hundred forty, one-of-a-kind full-spectrum colors have been meticulously handcrafted into an astonishing collection – a palette so vibrant and exquisite that each color is best appreciated once the paint is applied. Each creates depth, overtones, nuance and luminosity not found in ordinary paints. From natural morning light to artificial or indirect illumination, these colors take on different characteristics and appearances throughout the day. Evoking emotions and feelings, each unique blend offers a story and a personality behind each hue.

Measure for Measure-The Formula

Color Stories™ is a full spectrum color collection. What that means: Unlike conventional colors which are formulated with three pig- ments, full spectrum colors are achieved through the mixing of multiple pigments—anywhere between five and seven — in very precise, exacting amounts. Each full spectrum color yields a complex visual dynamic that delivers an unexpected experience. These colors have greater clarity and purity, and are richer and more vibrant.

The Science Behind the Art
Each Color Stories™ color is handcrafted from an individual, exclusive recipe. These “prescriptions” were invented with
Benjamin Moore’s patented Gennex colorants. The water-based colorant system is distinctly different from all others, as it contains no volatile organic compounds (zero VOC). This color engine drives the Color Stories hues and makes them impossible to duplicate. And the medium that transports each luxurious color is AURA®, the ultimate performance paint that remains low VOC (under 50 grams per liter) no matter the color.
The Sublime Results Setting your own color identity with whatever shade or combination of tones you choose provides a true freedom of expression that all will envy. Color Stories™ offers unparalleled hues, each with light-affecting qualities that bring dimension and luminosity to any space. These handcrafted colors were chosen for their versatility and dependability no matter the architectural style or lighting environments.

Click on these links to see the whole color palette:
Shades of Gray
Naturally Neutral
Earthen Hues
violet Twlight
Fluid Blues
Elemental Greens
Golden Fields
Fiery Sunset

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