Saturday, October 27, 2012

Craving Success ( a start up junkies path from passion to profits)

I spent my weekend reading this book: Craving Success (A start up junkies path from passion to profits) I highly recommend reading this book if you are starting a business of ANY kind!

Melody is a woman made of steel! She lives for thrill of business and makes mistakes along the way that she learns from and turns into profit. I highly recommend that you read this book if you are starting a business of ANY kind!

From amazon site:
Being an entrepreneur can be the most rewarding and thrilling choice you make in your business life. CRAVING SUCCESS is a peek into a sister entrepreneur's head. Melody invites you along for a readable romp through the up and down lessons of being an adventurous and independent businesswoman. 

About Melody Biringer: Melody Biringer is an unabashed startup junkie. She's built more than 20 companies as diverse as the boots in her closet. Her entrepreneurial drive began at an early age with growing the business of her family's famous strawberry farm, Biringer Farm. She finally struck a balance with her current entrepreneurial passion: the CRAVE company, which connects women business owners with consumers through networking events, symposia, and a series of smash-hit city guides. Melody has always been a strong advocate for women-owned businesses. She is an inspiring and much sought after speaker on advising women entrepreneurs.

"Melody Biringer is a kindred spirit in mentoring entrepreneurs. CRAVING SUCCESS reminds me of my early efforts in launching my company and shows how valuable sharing business experiences can be to professional women everywhere." Liz Lange Founder of Liz Lange Maternity, and Completely Me by Liz Lange

"I love all things fabulous at an insider's price. Melody Biringer's CRAVING SUCCESS offers a well tailored ensemble of lively advice for the entrepreneurial set." Alexandra Wilkis Wilson Gilt Groupe Founder and Chief Merchandising Officer

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