Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Whole 9 Yards a Treasure Trove of Fabrics and More

The very talented Amy Estrin owns The Whole 9 Yards a fabric store hosting over 1,000 fabrics! She designed the artful upholstered vintage chair pictured above. Amy is also a painter and shares the same sensibility that I do...everything design related ...starts with art. Pictured below is one of Amy's folkloric flying birds. Her use of color and composition are always surprising and enchanting. She brings her artist eye to the selections of what her store carrys.

I can depend on The Whole 9 Yards for juicy fabric finds out of the ordinary trims, furniture and area rugs and so much more. I used the Whole 9 Yards fabric for the embroidered silk pillows pictured on the cover of my book "Design It Yourself! A Step-by-Step Work book for Interior Design. As you can see this very special unique patterned fabric tied the artwork and area rug together while adding a touch of whimsy. Fabrics make all the difference in your interior design. Not only the color but the texture of fabrics play an important role in my designs. 

All fabric draperies used in the rooms pictured are from The Whole 9 Yards. The fabric I used on the draperies pictured above was repeated on the upholstered wall. Upholstering a wall with squares of wood is a great way to soften a room with an oversized ceiling height. It helped to bring the ceiling height down to a more friendly level. You can use fabrics in all kinds of ways. Add drama, whimsy or sophistication. Bring in texture or shine it can all be done through your use of fabrics.

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