Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Decorating

Ah yes it's that time of year...

Some of you may know that I worked in retail for many years,not behind the counter but decorating the store windows and interiors. Many interior designers get their start as a display artist setting the scene for the mannequins. I also chose the fashion and styled the mannequins hair. I have many fond memories of creative freedom and wild window designs. After all it was "street theatre" and you are not doing your job if you didn't "stop traffic." You are thinking how does all this tie into Christmas? After being in charge of 40+ people coming in to help me decorate three floors of Nordstrom and 16 display window every Thanksgiving eve for many years...I was burned out on all things Holiday!

But now 25 years later...I'm getting my second wind! This weekend we will purchase our second tree EVER. (You see I have not had a tree for all this time,I know hard to believe!) Anyway my husband is excited to get our second tree and to decorate (which is not normal) see what scarcity does! I'll keep you posted on our decor and hope that you find these photos below from Bedford Brown, inspiring for your own holiday decorating.

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