Monday, December 3, 2012

Beachy Bedroom Bliss

You live one third of your life in this room start your day here...and end your day here. You relax and gather strength in this room. Before the redesign, this bedroom needed an update and cohesive style.
My client wanted a "beachy light" feeling in the bedroom. The ceilings are extra high so I could use a large carved romantic bed to set the scene. The billowy blue paint color on the walls add to the light and airy feeling my client wanted.  

The furniture is has an aged paint finish adding to the beachy feel. These Guy Chaddock hanging iron pendants add another layer 
and bring the over sized ceiling down to human scale.

The blue and gold  French lamps add a touch of glamour.

 This custom chair and ottoman create the perfect comfy reading alcove.

This custom vanity makes it so easy to store makeup and jewelry all in one spot.

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