Thursday, December 20, 2012

COLOR Interior Design Trends 2013

Every year new colors come in and are used in everything from paint, furniture, accessories, to cars and appliances. While other colors become passe'. I know what you are thinking " Oh great now I have to change my look again!!!" Calm down put your feet up sip a comforting drink and read my predictions... there is nothing to be afraid of...there really is something for everyone!

My predictions for 2013 are based upon the Pantone released  color matching system. Learn more about pantone here

Emerald  is a big color this year followed by purple, lavender and blush. Sea glass greens and turquoise are fresh and timeless. Neutrals ...grays, browns and graphite are perfect for the shy of color. They continue to be strong leaders for the sophisticates. Cuisine inspired curries have replaced orange for the hot new color--YELLOW.  I hope these images inspire you to think about color in an enlightening way sprinkle in the new colors with the decor you already have. Perhaps a pillow or lamp maybe a new art piece. You don't have to change everthing to stay au-current besides I like what renowned designer Billy Baldwin said about interior design:

"Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style."  

 Lets get started--LOVELY Lavender ... you can get lost in this combination of lavender & bottle blues. It feels ethereal and other-worldly. Camel colored grass cloth is the perfect foil behind the tufted sofa, keeping you tethered to earth. 

The following photos are from one of my favorite interior stylist Hilary Robertson . She owns a store in New York city. 
Denim paired with lavender also anchors lavender and makes it less girlie.

 Blush is one of my favorite new colors paired with a warm gray it creates the perfect background for your collection of black and white art work.

Glorious Graphite 


"If you are a collector, let other people share your pride and joy. Don't sprinkle your collection out of sight in a meaningless jumble. Notice how groups of small objects, when they are well arranged, become important and effective. Remember that repetition is a form of emphasis. Collect what you will, but see to it that you arrange your hobby to its best advantage."
Dorothy Draper 

The soothing influence that very little color has on a magical. collections seem uncluttered...time seems to stand still under the influence of neutrals.


"Birds are so much wiser than we! A robin builds a nest for robins. A seagull builds a nest for seagulls. They don't copy each other - or build themselves nests as described in The Birds' Decorating Magazine."  Dorothy Draper 

  From robins egg to Sea glass blue
all blues this season are fresh and forever young. 


Cuisine inspired colors:Green Tea & Curries... 

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post there is something for everyone...with global climate zones...all colors are embraced. Here we have the rich deep palette pleasers. Paprika, rose hip,parsley,cumin, curry and coriander. If you don't want these colors to dominate your decor (like the a settee pictured below) you can use them as accents colors in pillows or in paint colors. 

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