Thursday, January 24, 2013

Do You Need a Pop-Up Lifestyle?

I live on a floating home and my next door nieghbor Marilyn asked my opinion on the Very flat folding table by Lodovico Bernaradi .
Marilyn said " Wouldn't it be nice to have a pop-up life? Well it got me thinking...

 How small could you live?
This concept kitchen unit puts the "S" in  
stream lined!Perfect for first time condo buyers where space is a premimum.

The Asians have lived small beautifully for years. The form and function of this occasional/dining table illustrates how simple and beautiful efficient design can be.

Bunk beds, nightstand, bulletin board and closet all in one!

  Ahh the pop up table that starting me thinking.This is the perfct "extra" table that you need when entertaining, it folds flat for closet storage when not in use. Yes Marilyn get it! The Italians really know how to keep it simple.Now I want to go clean out a drawer...when in doubt throw it out ...(recycle.)


Marilyn Zornado said...

Now I want one of those pop-up kitchens! How inspiring. Thanks!

Lynn Harden said...

This is great. Wish I knew about it when I lived in NYC. Might be an interesting market for you to source, Kimberlee.

Lynn Harden

Roberts Tracy said...

Love the above blog, it sounds real creative and amazing in regards to home organizing, love the way the entire interior has been organized.
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